Erika and Gus Ibarra

God has placed you and your wife on our hearts, and we are so glad that we were able to donate to and bless all those beautiful children and your ministry, but most of all, to honor Father God.

In 2004, Rev. Lee, you spoke to Gus and me at the American Legion Hall one Sunday after church. As we began talking, you literally spoke life into us. You said that God had something great in store for us — so great that we could not even imagine it! You gave me hope with those words, because at that point I had none.

After that, God began to move in our lives. Just a couple of years later, we met you again in the new Harvest Christian Center building. You again repeated those words about God's promise to us. Those words have now come to pass, and God has so greatly blessed us in ways we could not have dreamed!

For one, He made it possible for us to own a home, which was something we didn’t even think about because it was such an impossibility for us. That blessing alone opened many doors for us to be able to minister to others. We opened our home to youth ministry, the homeless, and anyone else who needed God’s love. The Lord took a situation that was so difficult for us and turned it around so that we could bless and reach out to others who desperately needed to feel the love of Christ.

So, thank you, Lee, for those words—the words from God that we clung to and that gave us hope for many years. The promise that one day He would transform lives, which we saw as hopeless, into lives filled with hope and a great desire to bring Him glory! We didn’t want to wait another second or let another day pass to bless your ministry with what God has blessed us with! I am excited to see what God will continue to do in India, and I pray that Gus and I will one day be able to visit.

To help others... is what gets our hearts going! Thank you for what you do and for sacrificing so much to bring hope and life to so many. You are both so amazing!!

(Feb. 25, 2011)

Cheryl Smith

"As I look back on 2016, doing more for the Kingdom of God weighs heavier on my mind as time passes. Although I'm not one to pack up and go to the mission fields, my dear friend and brother Rev. Lee Ruud, did just that. He's in India preaching the Gospel to the children there. These children had no hope before they met Lee, but now he is feeding them, clothing them, and giving them a home to call their own. Imagine the Message these kids can give to the people in their part of the world. Instead of the 330 million gods they used to worship, they now worship the One True God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Supporting His mission has blessed my life in such a way that words cannot describe. My cup truly runs over and we are unable to contain it all, just like the Good Book says. Lee could use some more financial help though. If you have a heart for the Lord and His Kingdom, please consider giving your tax-deductible donations to Abundant Life Care."

Lee and Praveena are true servants who are making a difference! My company has the distinct pleasure of supporting this ministry as they make sure the basic needs, educational needs and spiritual needs of many orphans are taken care of! Money does help, but it is the service of people like Lee and Praveena that will impact these little lives and generations to follow. If you are thinking of supporting this ministry, you can trust them to make every dollar count in changing lives!

Diana Liffengren

Rev. Lee and Praveena Ruud are dedicated missionaries serving in India. I have known them for many years and supported their ministry personally and through our Jubilee CEOs Business Ministry. They love what they do and they do it with integrity and joy. The name of their ministry is Abundant Life Care. Their name says it all. They give care and love abundantly! Thank you, Lee and Praveena, for all you do.