Our Goal: Identify the need & meet it in Christ Jesus
We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, His power, and the wonders He has done. Psalms 78:4

What We Do

Abundant Life Care strives to respond to all people in need regardless of race, religion, national origin or social position. We co-operate with people and organizations from all cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds in our efforts to bring relief and hope to the poor and disadvantaged. Thus we strive to provide the conditions, training and Christ centered resources needed to help children grow mentally, physically and spiritually in this values that assure a fruitful and happy life.
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Latest Updates

Our mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ with those who are poor, needy & suffering by helping them to experience the gospel of Jesus Christ in word & deed, through humanitarian and medical aid, moral & spiritual educational programs which will help to bring the needed spiritual, physical and social transformation by investing in children and services that benefit them to ensure all children the best start of life & future.

HELP us build a new Compound Wall for the ALC Children’s Home in India!

Please HELP us build a new Compound Wall for the ALC Children’s Home in India! Thank You! See it here again: Please HELP us...


Playground for the ALC Children – Video

Click the link: Go Fund Me playground for the ALC Children! See it here again: ALC Children Need A Playground! We appreciate your help...


Orphan Care is committed to helping wounded kids find their place in this world. Our holistic approach begins by nurturing orphans in the cradle and ends with them becoming interdependent, contributing members of society.
SUCCESS-STORIES-SolomonSolomon is 7 years old and the next Boy at the ALC Children Home! His Birthday is July 3rd 2007 – He is currently in the second grade this year!

We are very happy to have Solomon with us for the past one year and his younger brother Abraham just came this year! He is doing good in school.

SUCCESS-STORIES-AbrahamAbraham is 6 years old and the latest Boy to join the ALC Children Home! His Birthday is December 23rd 2008 – He is currently studying in Upper Kindergarden!

We are happy to have Abraham with us for the past six months and his older brother Solomon came last year ! He is doing good.

SUCCESS-STORIES-MosesMoses is 22 years old and the oldest Boy at the ALC Children Home!
His Birthday is April 10th 1992 – He graduated from High School and finished two years of Intermediate College in Computer Graphics & Animation.
Currently, Moses finished three months Skill Training in Air Conditioning & forty five days of on Hands Training as a A/C Technician! We are so proud of him! Three days before him was to finish his A/C Tech. Training, he received his Company Identification Card in advance and was selected by one of India’s top Air Conditioning Company’s with a good position in their Company. He has been working now for the first time in his life for Past two weeks. PTL.

SUCCESS-STORIES-AaronAaron is 21 years old and the next eldest Boy at the ALC Children Home!

His Birthday is September 10th 1993 – He graduated from High School and is currently finishing his second year of Intermediate College. We are proud Aaron’s steadfastness to receive a good education.